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09th May 2017

Former Bayern Munich star sees pensioner being robbed, he then chases and catches the thief

Paul Moore

Superb stuff.

A few weeks ago, Peaky Blinders star Tom Hardy added to his sterling reputation by chasing down a moped thief. Unfortunately, a similar criminal incident occurred recently in Frankfurt after a pensioner was being robbed of his savings.

Thankfully, former Bayern Munich and Juventus player Robert Kovac was on hand to intervene during this robbery.

Rather than ignore the attack, the former Croatian international didn’t think twice about grappling with the thief. After successfully restraining the criminal, Kovac then handed him over to the local police.

As reported by Bild, the assistant coach at Eintracht Frankfurt went for a walk with his dog in the Frankfurt west-end. After hearing some commotion and fracas from a distance, he walked over and saw a 72-year-old man that was lying down on the street. After scanning the area, Kovac then saw the criminal fleeing on foot before chasing after him.

The attempted robbery was a calculated one because the thief had been watching the 72-year-old man withdraw his cash from the ATM.

Thankfully, Kovac was on hand to see justice prevail.

Fair play to him.