FootballJOE's Career Path Quiz: #3 1 year ago

FootballJOE's Career Path Quiz: #3

Third time lucky

Edition three of the FootballJOE Career Path Quiz. Well done for sticking with it this far. Much appreciated.


If you missed the first couple, don't worry. You can find them by clicking here.

It's all really simple. We give you five players' careers represented by pictures of the clubs they played for.

You type your answers in the table below and try and beat the five minutes we give you. To make your task marginally easier, please note that you only need to add a surname, too.


If this is proving excruciatingly difficult, there's also a hint if you scroll down.


If the table doesn't display properly below, please click here


Hint: All five players were named in their countries' squads for the 2006 World Cup.