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01st Aug 2018

Supporters are cringing about the stars on Forest Green Rovers’ new kit

It's been branded "embarrassing" by fans

Darragh Murphy

Stars on football kits typically represent significant achievements for teams.

Football clubs will usually add a star for a Champions League triumph while national teams will use stars to signify World Cup success.

You don’t often hear about preemptive stars, however.

But Forest Green Rovers are breaking the mold with the unveiling of their new kit as the League Two club’s chairman has decided that the new shirts should have two faded stars to represent his optimistic hope that they will reach the second tier of English football within the next few years.

A statement on the club’s website reads: “A star is printed above the player name to signify the club’s promotion to the Football League in 2017, with two stars greyed-out to represent the chairman Dale Vince’s ambition to reach the Championship in the coming seasons.”

It should be noted that Forest Green Rovers aren’t the first team to feature unearned stars on their strip.

You might remember that Manchester City used to include extraneous stars above their badge, purely for design purposes rather than the acknowledgement of titles.

At the most recent World Cup, you might also have spotted the fact that four stars were emblazoned on the Uruguay jerseys, despite the country only winning the World Cup on two occasions. The reason for the extra two stars was to signify the nation’s pair of Olympic gold medals, in 1924 and 1928.

But to add stars in the hope that it will motivate a team to accomplish something has not sat well with anyone.