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26th May 2018

People are absolutely drooling at Ryan Sessegnon’s play-off final assist

A move of supreme quality

Wayne Farry

The youngster continues to impress when it counts

Ryan Sessegnon is just 18 years old. This is a fact which is repeated by every commentator who watches him and every supporter who is lucky enough to see him play. But it is also worth bearing in mind considering just how extraordinary a player he already is.

He’s enjoyed a stunning season for Fulham, scoring 15 league goals in the process, and if his assist in the first half of the Championship play-off is anything to go by, he has no plans to slow down any time soon.

Receiving the ball from deep, Sessegnon took one touch to take the ball away from the defender, another to seamlessly skip away from a Snodgrass challenge and then opened up his body beautifully to slide through a gorgeous pass to the oncoming Tom Cairney, who tucked the ball into the goal.

Unsurprisingly, the response to such a move was sheer awe for a player who looks set to be world class.