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24th Jun 2018

Panama commentators’ reaction to national anthem will have you supporting them against Tunisia

We know who we'll be rooting for during Tunisia vs Panama

Wayne Farry

It’ll be hard not to root for them after seeing this

Panama have had something of a baptism of fire in their debut World Cup campaign.

Their first two games – against Belgium and England respectively – have seen them concede a total of nine goals and score just one, as well as being officially eliminated from the competition ahead of their final game against Tunisia.

For a nation of their size however it was always going to be more about taking part than truly competing for a place in the second round, and it’s no surprise to see that their compatriots remain unbelievably proud of them despite their heavy defeats.

An example of this very pride came today before their loss to Belgium, when two commentators were captured listening to their country’s national anthem in the World Cup for the very first time.

The video, released by Panama’s national broadcaster and subsequently posted on social media, show two commentators punching the air with pride, before bursting into tears of joy and hugging each other.

The sheer delight and pride is evident for all to see and it’s hard not to see it and hope that the plucky underdogs manage to get at least a point against Tunisia next week.

If the reaction to their consolation goal against England is anything to go by, they’ll declare a national holiday if they manage to escape without defeat.