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30th May 2024

Kyle Walker reveals why players cover their mouths when they talk to each other during games 

Callum Boyle

Kyle Walker

Players are often seen doing it during set pieces or when talking after games

Kyle Walker has explained why players talk with their hands over their mouths when talking to teammates or opposition players on the bench.

Players are often seen doing so during games or when walking off the pitch together and has become more popular in recent times.

Fans and broadcasters were so angered/confused by players covering their mouths that the Premier League had to release a statement in 2018 stressing that they were “powerless” to stop it.

Jamie Carragher was critical of Antony and his Manchester United teammates after they whispered behind their mouths shortly after their 4-0 defeat to Crystal Palace.

Walker reveals all on new podcast

Walker has recently launched a new podcast called: “You’ll Never Beat Kyle Walker” alongside radio DJ Chris Hughes in which he reveals all about what life is like as a professional football player.

Speaking about the topic of players covering their mouths with their hands, the Manchester City full back said: “(It’s) so the camera’s can’t see!

“You might be swearing, or having a little bit of banter. You might have seen them on a night out the week before, and you’re just having a bit of banter, but it is what it is. 

“In the world we live in now, everything – you’ve got lip-readers now, what is this world coming to?”

Given the secrecy around what footballers say to each other, its no surprise to hear that they get quite annoyed when lip-readers try and guess what they’ve said.

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