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27th May 2024

Jack Grealish almost falls off bus twice during Man City trophy parade

Callum Boyle

Jack Grealish

Never a dull moment around Grealish

Jack Grealish was saved not once, but twice, by his Manchester City teammates on Sunday.

After winning a sixth Premier League title in seven seasons, and the fourth in a row, City took to the streets of Manchester to celebrate their achievement with their fans.

Footage from their parade has emerged online and unsurprisingly, Grealish was heavily involved.

The winger is well known for his larger than life persona and there’s rarely a dull moment around the England international.

Near-miss for Grealish

During the celebrations the midfielder left people with their hearts in their mouths after almost falling off the bus on two separate occasions.

His first close shave saw the 28-year-old stand on the ledge of the back of the bus while it had stopped moving only for him to lose balance once it began to move forward again.

Thankfully, Jeremy Doku was on hand to grab him and prevent him from falling over the other side.

You might think once would be enough to not do it again? Oh no, not for Jack Grealish.

Moments later he was back up on the ledge of the bus, this time showing off an inflatable doll to the Man City fans watching on.

He then began to wobble again and this time it was Ruben Dias there to help keep him upright.

Grealish as ever continued to be the life of the party as he and his teammates celebrated their success in the perfect way possible.

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