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21st Dec 2022

Homeless man cries tears of joy after being gifted Argentina shirt to join in celebrations

Callum Boyle

The best video you’ll see all year

A homeless man in Argentina has gone viral after he broke down in tears of joy after he was gifted an Argentina shirt to join in with the country’s World Cup celebrations.

Argentina won their first World Cup title since 1986 following a tense penalty shootout against France. The win sparked jubilant scenes in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country.

The whole country is still in party mode almost three days later and times like this also allow people to come together and celebrate.

One video encapsulated that perfectly as a man was spotted gifting an Argentina shirt to a homeless man so that he could join in with the celebrations.

Understandably, the homeless fan was touched by the act of kindness and broke down in tears of joy.

“He needed a moment of happiness and he got it, that’s the beauty of football.” said one football fan.

Another tweeted: “The true meaning of the World Cup. It brings people together. It goes beyond the pitch. This is beautiful.”

A third said: “No sport better, it truly is the beautiful game. Globally.”

“Blown away by the beauty here. It’s not about a material thing. It’s about making sure everyone can share in something that belongs as much to them as anyone else. Lighting someone else’s candle doesn’t make your own burn any less bright. Sports, man. What else can do this?” one user wrote.

Argentina’s victory parade has since had to be abandoned over fears of safety after some supporters began jumping onto the bus in which the players were travelling on.

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