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01st Jun 2018

Everton fan who attacked Lyon players while holding son has been jailed

The father attempted to attack Lyon's players while holding his three-year-old son

Wayne Farry

He has been jailed by the Community Justice Centre in Bootle

The Everton supporter who was captured on camera attacking Lyon’s players while holding his toddler son during Everton’s Europa League group game against the French side has been jailed by a Merseyside court.

Michael Fitzpatrick rose to infamy last season when television cameras picked up footage of him furiously attempting to reach a scuffle taking place between Everton and Lyon’s players while holding his three-year-old son in his arms.

The 30-year-old from Prescot, Merseyside, was handed an eight-week jail sentence by the Community Justice Centre in Bootle, while also being given a six-year football banning order.

The incident took place in the 63rd minute of the game when Everton captain Ashley Williams barged into Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes following the Ligue 1 side’s rather boisterous goal celebrations.

His act, which was widely condemned by essentially every single person who saw it at the time, has now cost him his freedom for at least two months and prevented him from attending a game for six years.

In a statement made today and reported by Sky News, Superintendent Dave Charnock said: “The majority of fans went to the game to enjoy it for what it was – a football match between two passionate clubs.

“The police will not tolerate the selfish and idiotic actions of a few attempting to spoil a game of football that the vast majority of people went along to enjoy.”