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25th Mar 2024

England players to wear nameless shirts in second half of game against Belgium

Callum Boyle


It’s all for a special cause

The names on the back of the shirts of the England players featuring in Tuesday’s friendly against Belgium will disappear in the second half.

Gareth Southgate’s side play their final game of this international break before he names his squad for Euro 2024.

Tuesday’s game has been dedicated as a ‘Alzheimer’s Society International’ as part of The Football Association (FA) and Alzheimer’s Society’s official charity partnership.

Although dementia is the UK’s biggest killer, one in three people living with dementia in England and Wales don’t have a diagnosis and too many people still think dementia is just a sign of normal ageing, unsure of the symptoms, and too afraid to visit their GP.

The disappearance of the names will be to sight how people with dementia can often lose precious memories.

Kate Lee, the CEO of the charity said: “We hope this striking gesture with the player’s shirts will once again get fans across the country talking, and thinking about the signs and symptoms of dementia.

“By using football to shine a spotlight and increase awareness of dementia symptoms, we hope to not only encourage fans to donate towards our early diagnosis research, but also to support their loved ones just as much as they support their football team.

“This means taking crucial first steps in seeking a diagnosis if they suspect someone they care about may be affected. A diagnosis can be daunting but it’s better to know.”

If you see the signs of dementia in a loved one, show them your support by visiting to use Alzheimer’s Society’s symptoms checklist, get further information and donate to help fund research into early diagnosis. 

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