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18th Sep 2022

Atletico Madrid fans filmed singing racist chants aimed at Vinicius Jr

Callum Boyle

Vinicius Jr


Atletico Madrid fans were filmed singing racist chants aimed at Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr on Sunday.

The two Madrid sides face each other at the Wanda Metropolitano tonight (Sunday September 18) but there were unsavoury scenes in the build up to kick off.

Outside the ground, large numbers of Atletico supporters can be heard singing “You are a monkey, Vinicius you are a monkey”.

Earlier this week, the Brazil international was the victim of another viral racist attack live on Spanish TV.

Pedro Bravo, president of the Spanish Agents Association, had taken issue with the Brazilian dancing when celebrating his goals and, during an appearance on El Chiringuito TV, said he should ‘stop playing the monkey’.

Bravo later retracted his statement but was heavily criticised for his comments, with Vinicius heavily supported by many of his friends and family.

The 22-year-old also posted a video to social media in which he promised to continue celebrating goals as he chooses and that he has invested his own money in helping prepare the future generations to be ready to fight against racists and xenophobes.

He said: “As long as skin colour is more important than the brightness of the eyes, there will be war; I have that phrase tattooed on my body.

“I have that thought permanently in my head. That’s the attitude and philosophy that I try to put into practice in my life. They say happiness is annoying. The happiness of a victorious Brazilian black in Europe bothers much more.

“But my desire to win, my smile and the twinkle in my eyes are much bigger than that. You can’t even imagine. I was a victim of xenophobia and racism in one statement.

“They are dances to celebrate the cultural diversity of the world. Accept it, respect it. I ain’t stopping. I come from a country where poverty is very high, where people don’t have access to education.. and in many cases, no food on the table! I don’t usually come to publicly rebuttal to criticism.

“I get attacked and I don’t speak up. They praise me and I don’t talk either. I work ! I work a lot. On and off the field. I have developed an app to help children’s education in public schools without financial help from anyone. I’m making a school with my name. I’ll do much more for education. I want the next generations to be prepared, like me, to fight against racists and xenophobes.

“I always try to be a professional and an exemplary citizen. But that doesn’t click, doesn’t trend on the internet, or motivates cowards to aggressively talk about people they don’t even know. The script always ends with an apology and a ‘I was misunderstood.’

“But I repeat it to you racists: I will not stop dancing. Whether at the Sambódromo, at the Bernabéu or wherever. With the love and smiles of the very happy, Vini Jr.”

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