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08th Apr 2018

Antoine Griezmann’s unusual celebration in the Madrid Derby has been explained

This will probably make some people feel incredibly old...


Antoine Griezmann had the final say in the Madrid Derby on Sunday afternoon.

With Atletico Madrid falling behind to Cristiano Ronaldo’s opener for Real Madrid in the 53rd minute, up popped the French international with an equaliser four minutes later.

To mark the goal, Griezmann performed an unusual celebration. Making an ‘L’ sign across his forehead with finger and thumb, he set about kicking his legs up in the air. Oh, just watch it…

A lovely celebration, we’re sure you’ll agree, but what the hell does it actually mean?

Well, as had been swiftly pointed by many on social media in the time since, the celebration is actually used as a trolling move by players of Fornite, a – *checks Google for proper description* – ‘co-op sandbox survival game’.

As any Fortnite player worth their salt will tell you, this was Griezmann making Real ‘Take the L’… even if the game did in fact finish in a 1-1 draw.

The dance itself is said to have originated in the recent reboot of┬áIt.┬áPennywise the clown, the titular character in the Stephen King classic, performed it – albeit without the added loser sign.