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20th Jul 2017

Floyd Mayweather’s security guard explains what was said in exchange with Conor McGregor

It got heated

Darragh Murphy

Security guards are typically most comfortable standing in the background, monitoring the situation surrounding their clients.

But Conor McGregor dragged Floyd Mayweather’s security team out of the background and into the spotlight during last week’s infamous promotional world tour.

A scuffle broke out during the New York leg of the tour, when Mayweather ordered his entourage to surround ‘The Notorious’, prompting McGregor’s SBG teammates to rush the stage in defence of their close friend.

McGregor went on to confront his upcoming opponent’s bodyguards at the Barclays Centre and did so again the next evening, in London, referring to the pair as “juiceheads.”

The exchange with one security guard, Greg La Rosa, in Brooklyn got particularly heated but microphones didn’t pick up what was said between the men.

La Rosa has since spoken out about the incident and, during an interview with Submission Radio, revealed what was said.

“In Brooklyn, basically, Floyd said ‘Point to the easy work!’ so we pointed at McGregor. And then he said the tapout stuff and I think that was getting to Conor,” La Rosa said.

“So that drew his attention to us and he looked over at me and the other guy, Ray, and he said: ‘Look at these two juiceheads!’ So I guess at that point, he’d had enough of it and had to have a go at me.

“I thought it was great but he looked at me and said: ‘Look at these two juiceheads!’

“I can’t remember what Floyd said after that. But Floyd said something and Conor walked away for a bit.

“Then he came back and said some stuff to me like: ‘You’re on juice.’

“But I told him right there: ‘No, never. I’ll do a USADA test right now and I’ll bet you $100,000 that I’m not.” And he said: ‘Yeah, right.’

“I said: ‘I’ll take it right now. I’ll take the blood right after the show.’ Then he said something along the lines of: ‘This is a real body.’

“I said: ‘When you’re standing next to me, you should put on a shirt because you’re embarrassing yourself standing next to me.’

“I figured it would rile him up a bit and I thought it was funny but in no way, shape or form am I sitting up there mad.”