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Floyd Mayweather reveals how many girlfriends he has and it's a lot
Busy man

Floyd Mayweather lives a different kind of life.

Earning nine-figure cheques for fights will change a man and 'Money' has been raking it in for years, cementing his status as boxing's pay-per-view king in the later years of a quite stunning career in the ring.

Only Mayweather would be able to spend the wee hours of the mornings leading up to a professional bout at his strip club. Only Mayweather would enjoy cheeseburgers during fight week. And only Mayweather would have that many girlfriends.

The 40-year-old has made no secret of his fondness for the fairer sex and just recently he revealed how many women he has in his life.

"How many women I have? Probably about seven deep. Lucky seven," Mayweather said during an interview with Awkward Puppets.


"We go out to eat, some of us travel together. Having one is too close to having none."

It's odd that it took a puppet named Diego to get some of the most revealing aspects of his life out of Mayweather but, trust Diego, he managed it.

'Money' also admitted that he has several bank accounts with hundreds of million in each and currently owns 25 cars, including a red Bugatti and yellow Ferrari.

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