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04th Sep 2015

Find out how much the world’s biggest sports stars get paid to send out sponsored tweets

That's a lot of dough...


You know you occasionally get famous footballers or basketball stars name-checking a particular company or waxing lyrical about a new product? They paid a fortune for it…

Although we can’t know for certain how much they pocket for their sneaky sponsored tweets, Spanish newspaper AS have got together with advertising agency Opendorse to estimate how much the sporting world’s great and good can demand.

Predictably, Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list, and is able to command a massive €230k (£168k). It correlates to his enormous Twitter following of 37m.

Second and third are LeBron James and Neymar respectively, and then comes our very own Wayne Rooney, who can demand around £45k for a single tweet mentioning a comb or suchlike.

The full list is below. Note that ‘Precio’ means price, and ‘Seguidores’ refers to followers…