The new FIFA 17 is so detailed you can even get tweets from your mum 5 years ago

The new FIFA 17 is so detailed you can even get tweets from your mum

If you've had a bash on the new FIFA 17, you'll know just how good it is.

Makers of the game have gone deep to make it the most realistic edition to date -  from giving you freedom to determine your own set pieces to the addition of celebrations like the dab.


But it's the finer details which really add richness to the game and these myriad tiny elements are the icing atop a very polished cake.

They might just be little tweaks here and there, but they all add up to a big difference in the way FIFA 17 feels and handles.

When you compare the graphics from FIFA 16 to the newest instalment of the game, you can see the lengths they've gone to to evolve the way it looks - from the way light interacts with the players' faces to the subtle way they've aged stars like James Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo.


But if you needed any more proof that EA Sports have literally thought of everything, you need look no further than The Journey - the single-player portion of the game which follows up-and-coming wonderkid Alex Hunter.

They've created a world around this fictional rising star to the extent that he even gets a Twitter feed full of pundits' opinions, trending news and transfer gossip.

But if you notice right at the top of the Twitter feed there's even gushing tweet from his #ProudMum Catherine Hunter. Yup, we can confirm: They have thought of *everything*


Click on the dodgily-translated subtitles and you can listen to more on this section of the new FIFA. It starts 4:40 in..

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