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16th Nov 2021

FIFA to launch review into Ghana vs South Africa game after complaint over match officials

Callum Boyle

The SAFA made an official complaint after their World Cup qualifier

FIFA have confirmed that they will launch a review into the complaint made by the South African Football Association after South Africa’s defeat to Ghana in a World Cup qualifier.

South Africa needed just a point against the Black stars to secure their place in the play-offs of the African qualifying stage for the 2022 World Cup, but they were beaten 1-0 after Ghana were awarded a controversial penalty, subsequently ending their hopes of playing in Qatar next year.

As a result, the chief executive of Safa Tebogo Mothlante announced that they would be making a formal complaint and that they felt ‘robbed’ by the decison.

“The match officials have decided the game, which is not what is supposed to happen,” he said.

“We will be writing to both CAF [the Confederation of African Football] and [world governing body] FIFA – firstly to investigate how the game was handled and secondly to challenge some of these decisions.

“We have already registered with the match commissioner that we will be making a formal complaint.

“We are very disheartened by their actions and we can’t let it destroy the players – when we have the chance to challenge, we will challenge.

“We feel very much robbed because it is not an isolated incident of a penalty. There are just a lot of questionable decisions by match officials and we will get an expert to dissect other incidents, so we can make a strong case.”

But now, as reported by the BBCthe world football governing body have confirmed that they will look into the complaint made by Bafana Bafana, who have requested for the game to be replayed.

FIFA confirmed in a statement to the Athletic saying: “FIFA has received a complaint from the South African FA in relation to this matter and will review it. Please understand we cannot comment further at this stage.”

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