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10th May 2017

Fernando Torres’ attempt to intimidate Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t go to plan

Unlucky, mate

Robert Redmond

Unlucky, mate.

Fernando Torres tried to intimidate Cristiano Ronaldo during the all Madrid Champions League semi-final second leg, and it didn’t go well.

For a start, Torres isn’t exactly the most intimidating player on the Atletico Madrid team. And secondly, Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the most confident footballer in the world. The Real Madrid forward is pretty much bullet proof and extremely self-assured.

It was always going to take more than Torres shoving him and mouthing off to rattle Ronaldo, but that didn’t stop the Atletico striker trying his best.

The pair exchanged words just before half-time of Atletico’s 2-1 win over Real at the Calderon on Wednesday night, which saw the Champions League holders go through to the final in Cardiff against Juventus, winning the tie 4-2 on aggregate.

Torres also shoved Ronaldo before the referee stepped in. Ronaldo found the whole thing hilarious and laughed away.