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17th Sep 2017

Fans demand action as notorious judge’s scorecard is simply not accepted

118-110 was a tad ridiculous

Darragh Murphy

Adalaide Byrd, what fight were you watching?

The judge guilty of delivering an inexplicable 118-110 scorecard in favour of Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on Saturday night should absolutely be held accountable for her actions.

For want of a better term, Gennady Golovkin was robbed of a victory in what was his most high-profile bout to date.

To put Byrd’s assessment of the bout in simpler terms, she reckoned Alvarez won 10 of the 12 rounds in the T-Mobile Arena, awarding Golovkin just the fourth and seventh round. Now let that sink in.

Could it be argued that ‘Canelo’ won the first round and possibly one of the final two rounds? Absolutely.

But awarding the Mexican the eighth, ninth and tenth was nothing short of a travesty that must be explained.

Below are the official Compubox stats from the fight, which was hugely entertaining but undoubtedly marred by the nature of the scoring.

You can see that Golovkin clearly outlanded his opponent in most of the rounds that Byrd awarded to ‘Canelo’.

But it simply can’t end at “Ah that’s a shame. Let’s have a rematch to sort it out.”

There are legacies, livelihoods and lives at stake every time these fighters step foot in the ring and the least they deserve is the respect to give them the most accurate judging available.

118-110 is egregious and Byrd should have to sit before the Nevada State Athletic Commission to explain in detail what she saw that led her to believe that Golovkin lost 10 rounds on Saturday night.

She should have to call Golovkin and explain why he’s not 38-0 right now.

And if she just shies away from the media spotlight that should absolutely be cast on her decision, then perhaps she should just walk away from the sport.

Us fans are all ears…