FA investigating Arsenal yellow card over 'suspicious betting patterns' 3 months ago

FA investigating Arsenal yellow card over 'suspicious betting patterns'

The FA are investigating as part of a pattern of suspicious bets placed

The Football Association (FA) are investigating a yellow card received by an Arsenal player during a Premier League game as part of a pattern of 'suspicious bets' that have been placed.


As reported by The Athletican unnamed bookmaker informed the FA of an unusual amount of money placed on an Arsenal player to receive a yellow card during a game this season, with the governing body now investigating the situation.

In a statement, they said: “The FA is aware of the matter in question and is looking into it.”

It is believed that the identity of the player is known, however, they shall remain unnamed for privacy reasons. The act of betting on small details of sporting events such as yellow cards is known in the industry as 'spot-betting.'


Spot-betting is an act which has been a problem around the world, but it is believed to be a rare occurrence in the Premier League, largely due to the large wages most players are on.

Arsenal have yet to release a comment on the alleged incident.

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