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26th Apr 2017

Everyone is making the same joke about Newcastle United after their recent visit from the HMRC

Paul Moore

“The most Newcastle United thing that could ever take place.”

While all football fans are eagerly anticipating the findings of the HRMC after their recent raids on the grounds of West Ham United and Newcastle, nobody will have a bigger interest in the events than supporters of The Magpies and The Irons.

While nothing official has been declared yet, the HRMC have confirmed that they’ve arrested “several men working within the professional football industry” and that during the joint UK/French investigation, they’ve “searched a number of premises in the North East and South East of England and arrested the men and also seized business records, financial records, computers and mobile phones.”

At present, the investigation is ongoing and the HRMC will not be providing any further detail at this time, but football fans couldn’t help but grimace at the unfortunate timing of these events- especially given the fact that Newcastle have recently secured promotion to the Premier League along with Rafa Benitez’s recent remarks about his time at Real Madrid.

“Here you are valued and there is no politics and strange things behind (the scenes). In England, they respect professionalism and work, not like in some places,” Benitez told Spanish radio.


Before you ask, plenty of people have made *that* connection between both clubs.