'Everybody saw it' - Ruben Neves angry at ref's failure to give foul against Paul Pogba 8 months ago

'Everybody saw it' - Ruben Neves angry at ref's failure to give foul against Paul Pogba

He's got a point

If you want to challenge for titles, you have to win games when you're not playing well. Manchester United failed to do so against Southampton last weekend, but did just that against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday.


The difference between both games? In one, United got a decision, and in the other they didn't.

In the Southampton game, Bruno Fernandes was insistent that Saints defender Jack Stephens had fouled him in the build up to the home side's goal in a game that finished 1-1.

Against Wolves, it was United who got the rub of the green. In the build up to their winning goal - Mason Greenwood's third in three Premier League games - Paul Pogba tackled Ruben Neves. The Portuguese midfielder appeared to have a delayed reaction, falling to the ground a second or so after contact, but there was contact.


This was a view corroborated by all three pundits on Sky Sports - Roy Keane, Graeme Souness and Robbie Keane - and indeed by the man on the end of that tackle: Neves himself.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game, the Wolves captain was open in his disagreement with the decision.


"Everyone saw it," said the midfielder. "Everyone saw my leg. I don't know why, to be honest with you. We always do meetings about everything - referees and VAR - I dunno why.

"They said before the season starts that they'll look for contact. If the contact is strong enough they'll call the foul.

"I showed them my leg. Just their decision now."

At this point, Neves touched on a point which was on the minds of a lot of people - last weekend's game.


"I think, maybe because in the last game it was a foul before the Southampton goal. Maybe. Now, they did the opposite."