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14th Jul 2017

Everybody has their own theory about delay of MayMac press conference

"Late" would be an understatement

Darragh Murphy

As I start to write this, the clock is striking 1am BST.

And this is what I’m looking at.

90 minutes after the third press conference of the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather promotional world tour was supposed to start and there is still no sight of Conor or Floyd.

Hell, there’s not even a sight of Paulie Malignaggi or Brendan Schaub, the pair of analysts who were tasked with eating up time on the Showtime Sports streams on Tuesday and Wednesday before McGregor and Mayweather took to the stage.

There was some element of impatience on Wednesday night, when the pre-presser preamble went on slightly too long but Thursday night took the absolute piss.

As fight fans on this side of the Atlantic stayed up long after midnight, frantically refreshing their YouTube streams, messages arrived from those in-the-know that the delay was showing no signs of coming to an end.

John Kavanagh’s predicted 30 minutes elapsed and eager fans in the UK and Ireland began dropping like flies on the livestream.

This was Axl Rose levels of keeping the audience waiting.

Neither man wanted to be the first to show up and give the edge to the other. That’s what it seemed like, at least.

But, as for those on social media, they had their own theories about why the fighters were late to the New York party.