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10th Jul 2017

Everton fan savages cheeky Manchester United supporter in 17 short words

It's the tweet of the summer

Darragh Murphy

Twitter can be a depressing place at times.

Anonymous trolling gives users of the app who are so inclined an opportunity to behave in a legitimately evil fashion.

But, when tweets like the below come along, it’s hard to deny that Twitter can be bloody fantastic every now and then.

A Manchester United fan, aptly named @CantonaManc, felt he had the perfect reasoning for referring to Everton as “our bitch” due to the fact that they’d convinced the Toffees’ star forward to move to Old Trafford for the second time in 13 years.

Wayne Rooney was one of the most exciting young strikers in Europe when he joined United from Everton in 2004 and confirmation of Romelu Lukaku’s move to Jose Mourinho’s side is expected to arrive imminently.

That prompted the below tweet.

Some decent football banter, right?

Well @CantonaManc had no idea of the counter-punch that was about to land flush on his jaw, courtesy of the quick-witted Twitter fist of Everton supporter, @Keef1985_.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you social media perfection.

Just look at the traction that that particular piece of Twitter savagery gained… and the retweets continue to climb.

There was no doubt about who came out on top in that round.