Even Stoke's Twitter account is trolling José Mourinho now 3 years ago

Even Stoke's Twitter account is trolling José Mourinho now

This should be the final nail in his coffin

Pack up your bags, José. Check out of that hotel. Say goodbye to the few players with whom you still have a relationship and get gone, because you've just suffered the biggest bodying ever seen in the world of football.


We all know that Manchester United are struggling right now. They're not playing good football, their players have effectively downed tools, and Mourinho does not have the answers. After the money he has spent on players since arriving, including two central defenders who were by no means cheap, but whom he doesn't seem to rate, recent performances have been far from satisfactory.

One prominent Twitter account dedicated to good old fashioned banter decided to point this out, recently, stating: "Only Jose Mourinho could have a team consisting of Paul Pogba, Martial, Mata, Sanchez, Rashford and Lukaku and then decide to play like a 2009 version of Stoke City."

It's a good point, there's plenty of talent in the squad and Mourinho is not nearly getting the best out of them.


But the real bodying came when Stoke's Twitter account got involved, keen to point out that back in 2009, Stoke actually managed to beat Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United, both of whom stuck three goals each past Manchester United this season.

It's yet another damning indictment on the current United side, being bodied by a Championship club on Twitter.

Just as a cabbage being thrown at Steve Bruce sealed the now former Aston Villa manager's fate today, this should be the final nail in the coffin for Mourinho.