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15th May 2015

Even at 52, is NBA legend Michael Jordan still better than LeBron James?


Age is just a number. A number which reflects how old and unfit you are.

LeBron James may have just qualified for his fifth successive Eastern Conference finals with last night’s Game 6 win over the Chicago Bulls, but no matter what he achieves some people will never be convinced of his talent.

In a recent poll, just 14 per cent of basketball fans said they consider LeBron – a two-time NBA champion and four-time NBA MVP – to be the best of all time, with Michael Jordan scooping up a whopping 77 per cent of the vote.

That may not be all that surprising, but what did shock us is how many people believe the now 52-year-old Jordan is still better than James – and would beat the Cleveland Cavs star in a one-on-one.

Just over one in two people (54 per cent) think that LeBron – 22 years Jordan’s junior and still at the top of his game – would win if the pair took to the court for a game.

Jordan has still got skills, of course, but some people are really living in the past.