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01st Jul 2015

Estonian football team hits 31 goals in cup game…but it’s not even the biggest win of the round

Paide it forward...


There must be something in the water in Estonia, with two separate teams scoring more than 30 goals in the first round of the country’s FA Cup equivalent.

Paide Linnameeskond, known as the ‘Estonian Barcelona’ due to their colours, put 31 past opponents JK Raudteetoolised, with striker Sander Roivassepp finding the net eight times in the first half alone.

That’s more goals than the top-flight club managed in 16 league games last season. In fact, only one of the 10 clubs in Estonia’s top division scored more than that over the course of the 2015 campaign.

However Paide weren’t even the highest scorers in the round, with the snappily-named FC Infonet hitting Virtsu Jalgpalliklubi for 36.