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17th Jun 2024

England fans down two months’ worth of beer in 36 hours as Euros campaign gets underway

Zoe Hodges

‘You drink beer like we drink water.’

England fans in Gelsenkirchen for their country’s opener against Serbia, drank two months’ worth of beer over the weekend at an Italian restaurant which became the home of their Euros party.

The Three Lions supporters downed more than 7,500 pints of beer at GE Piazza in 36 hours as the restaurant, situated in the city’s German old town, became their unofficial headquarters.

GE Piazza’s owners said that the fans got through 60 kegs since they arrived on Saturday compared to just over two kegs on a normal weekend.

Around 40,000 fans descended on Gelsenkirchen as England got their Euros campaign underway with a 1-0 win over Serbia.

There are considerably fewer bars in Gelsenkirchen compared to the beer halls of Munich and as a result, the Italian restaurant became a hub for travelling England fans.

Manager, Umit Yavuz, 43 told the Mirror: “This is the busiest we’ve been in a long time, probably since England last played in Gelsenkirchen in 2006.

“I put on an England shirt to entice the supporters in. It’s always a popular move. I also put-up flags for all the countries playing in the Euros outside the bar. I think that’s why we’ve been so popular.”

The bar was on it’s 60th keg before supporters had even got back from the stadium last night.

The next game in Gelsenkirchen is on Thursday when Spain take on Italy in Group B.

Yavuz is hoping for a similar atmosphere: “I hope their fans join us for the party too.  However, they won’t drink anywhere near as much as the English. England really likes to drink.”

His sister, Deniz, 38, who helps run the bar said: “The atmosphere has been great… The English are a thirsty bunch. You drink beer like we drink water.”

There were some reports of violence prior to kick off in Gelsenkirchen, with one England fan and seven Serbian fans arrested, but the majority of supporters were well-behaved as Group C got their matches underway on day three of the tournament.

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