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Eccentric fighter shows up to weigh-ins in fancy dress and opponent doesn't appreciate it
Tyrone McKenna didn't enjoy it one bit

He'd better back that up with a performance.

It would be rather amusing if Renald Garrido was starched in the first round a day after dressing up like a mummified zombie in an attempt to steal the show at the weigh-ins.

Garrido has stepped up on short notice for a clash with Tyrone McKenna at the SSE Arena on Saturday night and he certainly looks to be enjoying the spotlight.

The French fighter is nothing if not memorable and while McKenna has previously suggested that he was looking forward to Garrido's antics, the Belfast man didn't appear to be too happy with his opponent's costume choice at Friday's weigh-in ceremony.

After Garrido, whose nickname is 'Le Lion', stumbled around in fancy dress in front of a sign which read 'DANGER: Flesh Eating Zombies', McKenna angrily confronted him and slammed his forehead into Garrido's.

"The guy's a maniac. But I knew he was a maniac from the start," McKenna said of his opponent when speaking to Belfast Live Sport.


"I have seen previous footage of him. He comes out dressed in a lion's costume for fights. But he's a character and I love characters.

"He is exciting and unpredictable. He looks like a nice guy, but come Saturday night the game face will be on and I will be ready to go to war."

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