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14th Oct 2018

Dusan Tadic does penguin run up to penalty, misses through sheer karma

Wayne Farry

dusan tadic

If you’re going to do a fancy run up you better guarantee that you score

Someone should have told that to Dusan Tadic prior to Sunday’s game between Serbia and Romania. The UEFA Nations League match was held in the Romanian capital of Bucharest between the top two sides in Group 4 of League C.

As the game inched ever closer to half-time Serbia went up the pitch and were awarded a penalty when defender Gabriel Tamas kicked a Serbian player in the head. Tamas was subsequently sent off for his troubles.

After the penalty was awarded, Dusan Tadic Рformer Southampton and current Ajax midfielder Рdecided he was the right man to assume the responsibility of scoring it.

He placed the ball on the spot, as is customary when taking a penalty. He then took a couple of steps back, which is also fairly usual.

But while everything before was somewhat mundane, what followed was fucking stupendously stupid.

Because Dusan Tadic, this man just 12 yards out from goal with the net at his mercy, decided to do a run up that was somewhere between a penguin waddling over to its mate, and a person forced to leave the toilet and walk down the hallway to get some toilet roll with their trousers around their ankles.

Much like someone with their trousers around their ankles, Tadic was made to look like a fucking idiot as he skied the ball over the bar, much to the delight of the Romanian crowd.

Hopefully it will prove to be a lesson for him, if not we’ve at least got some hilariously bad penalties to look forward to in future.