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04th Jul 2018

Diego Maradona launches into extraordinary anti-England rant after Colombia win

Jesus Diego, tell us how you really feel

Ben Kiely

Diego Maradona didn’t hide his allegiances on Tuesday night

When England took on Colombia in the World Cup round of 16, Diego Maradona was supporting his fellow South Americans.

The man who sank English hearts in 1986 with the infamous ‘hand of God,’ was a full kit wanker for the match. A video surfaced of Maradona decked out in Colombian football attire wishing them success against the Three Lions.

Unfortunately for Maradona and his adopted country for the night, England won via a penalty shootout. However, Maradona believes England’s victory was mired by controversy.

During an appearance as a pundit with Argentinian TV station teleSUR, Maradona suggested that Harry Kane cheated in the game. He also pointed the finger of blame at FIFA and referees chief Pierluigi Collin for the ‘theft’.

He said: “I saw a monumental theft. I apologise to all the Colombian people, but they must know the players are not to blame.

“It is the man who decides who the referee is who is to blame. A man like that (Geiger) should not be put in charge of a game of that magnitude. With all due respect, Pierluigi Collina, as the man who designates the referees, he is very bad. He must apologise to the Colombian people.

“The referee will know a lot about baseball, but he has no idea about football. The Colombian players asked for VAR and he did not give it to them.”

Maradona kept going. He feels that if he worked for Fifa, these types of ‘travesties’ would not happen. He believes if VAR was consulted for Kane’s penalty, it would not have been given.

He added: “I told (FIFA president) Gianni Infantino that if I worked for Fifa I would change everything. It has to be transparent. That’s why I didn’t go there.

“Twice the English threw themselves to the ground and he did not admonish them. This was theft.The penalty was not a foul. In fact, it was Kane’s fault.

“The referee is looking somewhere else and when he turns his head, Kane is on the floor. Kane used his arm to hook Sanchez and then threw himself down.

“I repeat, why didn’t the referee ask for the VAR? Colombia died standing. That’s why I applaud them.”

Ok, Diego.