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05th May 2017

It didn’t take long for UFC star to call out Anthony Joshua

Talk about deluded!

Ben Kiely

This just in… a group of UFC fighters have been spotted at the Cliffs of Moher after Conor McGregor sent out a tweet claiming he had jumped off it.

Change the record, folks.

The reason why McGregor pursuing a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather is so interesting, aside from both fighters’ undeniable star power, is the fact that it’s unusual. It’s not everyday that a mixed martial artist at the zenith of his discipline guns for a fight against an elite pugilist in their territory.

Well, it wasn’t every day before the MayMac talk started gathering momentum. Now, it feels like a daily occurrence.

We’ve already had the likes of Anderson Silva, Jimi Manuwa and Jose Aldo call out professional boxers, and we can now add former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos to the list.

Speaking to Combate ahead of his title fight against Stipe Miocic, the Brazilian admitted that he would jump at the opportunity to take on newly-crowned boxing heavyweight king, Anthony Joshua, who’s fresh off his phenomenal knockout of Wladimir Klitschko in Wembley to claim that coveted golden strap.

“I would love to have a boxing match. Since I’m going to be the UFC heavyweight champion and there can be only one toughest man on the planet, I would like to fight Anthony Joshua. Champion against champion. It would be sensational.”

Oh holy fuck, Dos Santos! We love you, you’re a great MMA boxer and all, but you’re out of you’re element here. The only thing that would be sensational about that fight would be the astronomical hospital bill you would have to cover after it.