Dele Alli hit in head with bottle, responds in best way possible 3 years ago

Dele Alli hit in head with bottle, responds in best way possible

That is how you respond to abusive behaviour, courtesy of Dele Alli

Footballers are regularly the recipients of all types of abuse from supporters in the stands. The vast majority of the time it is random, mostly harmless bullshit being shouted by people with a few too many drinks and the Dutch courage that comes along with it.


Sometimes though - aside from the horrific racist abuse footballers have to endure - fans decide to get physical with their anger and throw objects from the crowd at the players they dislike massively.

That happened on Wednesday night as Spurs faced Arsenal in the Carabao Cup at the Emirates Stadium, when one Arsenal fan decided to act like a clown.

The incident occurred in the 72nd minute as Spurs midfielder and the scorer of the away side's second goal, Dele Alli, was standing next to the byline.


An Arsenal fan who is as yet unidentified throw a plastic bottle at Alli, which struck the England star in the head. Alli was obviously angry about this and those watching could tell that he was briefly about to get furious.

Instead he took a deep breath, turned around and held his hands up to indicate the score of the game.


More than 12 hours later and Alli took to Instagram to show just how he feels about the person who decided it would be funny or smart to throw a bottle at a professional footballer in a televised match.