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11th Nov 2015

David Beckham is in Antarctica to play the coldest game of football ever (Pics)

We wouldn't fancy this...

Ben Kenyon

If you’ve ever moaned about being out in the cold playing Sunday League football in the depths of winter, you might want to see this.

While hanging around in goal on a frost-hardened pitch in sleet and snow in late December probably isn’t great, we’re sure that David Beckham’s latest game is probably a wee bit worse.

The former Manchester United and England man is in Antarctica for the coldest match of his life.

Here it can get to a ball-shrivelling −89 °C and it’s pretty much wall-to-wall snow and ice.

It’s the latest stop on Beckham’s quest to play football on all seven continents on earth, having already visited Nepal and Buenos Aires.

Becks looked pretty amazed to be there at all…let alone be having a kick-around. He was out marking the pitch and posted this amazing shot…

He must really love the game to be out in those conditions. Good job someone packed the yellow balls though…