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22nd Dec 2015

Dana White laughed off the idea of Holly Holm being a top contender last year

Certainly proved him wrong

Ben Kiely

He may have signed her to UFC, but Dana White seriously underestimated how good Holly Holm is at fighting.

Before Ronda Rousey took the sport by storm, Gina Carano was undoubtedly the biggest female star in MMA.

The former Strikeforce contender walked away from the sport in 2009, but when the UFC started running out of people to face Rousey, she was heavily linked with signing for the UFC.

Carano explained to Fox Sports that she had a meeting with Uncle Dana in 2014, during which she noticed he kept a list of contenders in his office.

“I remember talking to Dana White last year sometime in his office, he had the five top contenders in each weight class written on his office windows – male and female – and there were a couple names I couldn’t for the life of me figure out, why were not written down.”

Carano noticed one notable absentee from the list of women’s bantamweight contenders: the woman who would eventually dethrone Rousey with that stunning head-kick KO. However, when she brought up Holm’s name, White apparently laughed off her contender status.

“Holly is the only one I mentioned because I knew they were in talks of negotiating with her and after seeing how talented she was and the most incredible work ethic, I felt it was important to mention she is legit and should be up there,” she explained.

“He laughed and blew it off mentioning something about her ground game but then again he did sign her not long after that so I think he knew. She seems like she deserved that in her life and career.”

Well, she certainly proved him wrong anyway.