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14th May 2017

Dana White and Conor McGregor have worked out a deal, now all that’s left is Mayweather

Do the right thing, Floyd

Rory Cashin

We’re just one step away from this dream fight becoming a reality.

Earlier in the week, Dana White was in negotiations with both the McGregor and Mayweather camps, trying to work out a deal that suited both parties for their potential upcoming boat.

“I plan on having this thing locked up by this Sunday and then moving on to Team Mayweather and start to negotiate with them,” White said.

“If we really do get it done in that timeframe, then this thing could possibly happen. Again, I still have to go negotiate with them. There’s no guarantee that we’re going to come to a deal.

“I think [the chances of a deal with McGregor] are pretty good. Hopefully Monday I’m going to sit down and negotiate with Team Mayweather.

“I just can’t keep messing with this thing. I have to run my business and I have to focus on all the other things that are going on around here.”

Well, it looks like White has kept true to his word, as he announced that he and McGregor have worked out a deal:

With Mayweather insisting on being the “A-Side” of the fight – which would help net him around $100 million for the fight – and McGregor looking at north of $50 million once the PPV numbers are in, no wonder this is taking so long to organise properly.

But here we are, just one jigsaw piece left to slot in place. Do the right thing, Mayweather!