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27th Jul 2018

Crystal Palace respond to Wilfried Zaha rumours with their own cryptic message

He sparked rumours of an imminent exit by uploading a cryptic message to his Instagram story earlier today

Reuben Pinder

His Instagram story earlier today sparked a lot of discussion surrounding his future

Wilfried Zaha threw fuel on the rumour fire this morning as he uploaded to his Instagram story a message that read: ‘today is the day I make a change with everything.’

He also removed any reference to his current club, Crystal Palace, from his bio. Football fans – mainly Tottenham fans – jumped to conclusions about what this signified. It certainly seemed to indicate that the forward would be on his way out of Selhurst Park, but thus far it’s all merely speculation.

Crystal Palace have since responded to the speculation that followed the Instagram story (now removed), with their own, equally cryptic tweet. The club’s official Twitter account posted a picture of Zaha in training just hours after the social media storm erupted.

Again, this is all speculation, but fans seem to think this tweet means that Zaha is staying put.

They could be clutching at straws, but the tweet was certainly intriguingly timed.

It could be a tactic to keep fans calm, to save them the hassle of trawling through hundreds of angry tweets, it could mean absolutely nothing.

We’ll have to wait and see. Only a couple of weeks remain in the transfer window for Premier League clubs to wrap up their business, so Daniel Levy might have to stop haggling and cough up the money that Palace are demanding if he is serious about signing the player. Otherwise he might end up handing Moussa Sissoko a contract extension.