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13th Jul 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister likens his knee injury to the crucifixion of Jesus

No, really...

Simon Lloyd

We’re pretty sure that nobody’s ever compared a dodgy knee to dying for the sins of all of humankind before.

But when the owner of that dodgy knee is Cristiano Ronaldo, anything is possible. The damaged anterior cruciate ligament that he sustained in the Euro 2016 final seems to have generated more headlines than the fact that Portugal won the tournament.

Although his collision with Dimitri Payet seemed innocuous at the time, the following freeze frame showed precisely why Ronaldo’s time on the pitch at the Stade de France was cut short.

Having attempted to soldier on with the injury, an emotional Ronaldo finally conceded that his final was up on the 25 minute mark.

As he shed a tear or two of frustration at not being able to hog the limelight help his teammates, his sister Katia Aveiro was reminded of the pain that Jesus went through when being put to death on the cross for sins of the world. How do we know? She told us all on her Instagram account.

Her post, translated by the Independent, reads:

“These tears I cried for my wounded brother were like daggers to the heart, and we all cried with him for the awful pain we had together.

“But God is great and just as our savior Jesus Christ suffered on the cross for a better world for us, Cristiano cried in the pain of not being able to help his teammates and his beloved people.

“But God is just and they deservedly lifted the trophy, and fulfilled the dream; we are champions.”