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19th Jun 2017

Conor McGregor’s agent provides welcome confirmation of future plans

Finally, confirmation

Ben Kiely

Conor McGregor’s got serious ambitions after this megafight against Floyd Mayweather.

Haters better bust open a fresh bottle of haterade because one more huge payday isn’t going to mark the end of Conor McGregor’s combat sports career.

The cynics all doubted whether McGregor would be bother returning to competition after the diamond-encrusted panty night, but then fight fans received a glimmer of hope courtesy of professional boxer Andre Berto.

Berto, who bonded with the UFC superstar while both were doing rehabilitation for injury, revealed last week that McGregor had plans to return to the Octagon and compete in MMA. Now we have actual confirmation from McGregor’s people that this is indeed what ‘the Notorious’ is planning.

Audie Attar of Paradigm Sports Management, the long-time agent of Conor McGregor, appeared on Monday’s MMA Hour to bless everyone with the exciting news.

“Conor is a very ambitious young man. That’s the the two key words – young man. He has a lot more that he wants to accomplish athletically and as a business man, so he definitely wants to fight again in MMA.”

Not only that, but the time frame for McGregor’s UFC return could be quite short. Although he is fighting Mayweather on August 26, Attar believes that we could see him return to his own discipline before the year’s end.

“If all things go well and he feels good, it could potentially happen before the end of the year. There’s no guarantees, but it’s definitely within his plans to come back and compete again in the UFC.”

With the featherweight and lightweight divisions getting some very interesting contenders in McGregor’s absence, this could pave the way for exciting fights such as the completion of that Nate Diaz trilogy, a lightweight title defence against Tony Ferguson or Khabib Nurmagomedov or maybe even a rematch against streaking featherweight champion Max Holloway.