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10th Nov 2018

Chris Smalling’s Instagram account has been hacked by a Fatih Terim superfan

The Manchester United defender's Instagram account appears to have been hacked by a Galatasaray super fan, who as posted pictures of the club's manager

Reuben Pinder

Either that, or Chris Smalling has had a sudden change of personality

Footballers’ Instagram accounts are not often very exciting places. Occasionally they’ll do a fun Q&A on their story, or if they’re wild enough, Like Mario Balotelli, they might post the odd hilarious video that offers an insight into the surreal world of a professional athlete. But normally, they’re dull, repetitive and sanitised.

“Great effort from the lads tonight, fans were unreal as usual! ???” accompanied by a photo of the eam celebrating is a classic template for a post-victory Instagram post.

After a loss, a simple “Shame we couldn’t get the job done today, thanks to the travelling fans”, accompanied by a picture of the player looking solemn, clapping the aforementioned traveling fans, is usually enough to please the crowd.

Those generic posts, as well as the occasional sponsored photo – “Delighted to team up with Ambrosia Custard this season” etc. – take up about 99% of footballers’ social media channels.

However, sometimes, once in a blue moon, they get hacked. We all remember where we were on the infamous ‘Drip Doctors’ night on Twitter, which involved Samir Nasri and his girlfriend having a domestic from the same account for the world to see.

Today, Chris Smalling had his Instagram account by what seems to be a Fatih Terim super fan. Terim is Galatasaray manager, and it would seem that a Gala fan is trying to spread the word to Smalling’s 2.3 million followers.

‘Ibrahim’ appears to be very proud of his Turkish roots, as we can see from the new profile picture on the account.

I’m as lost as you are, but let’s enjoy this weird journey while it lasts and see what the Galatasaray fan posts next.