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26th Jul 2018

Chris Froome tells French policeman to ‘f*ck off’ after being pulled off his bike

The officer mistook Froome for a fan and caused him to crash his bike

Kyle Picknell

The Tour de France has been unexpectedly violent this year

British cyclist Chris Froome was apprehended during the Tour de France on Thursday after a French policeman mistook both him and his bodyguard for a pair of fans. The incident follows the controversy that occurred on Tuesday after the race was stopped due to protestors rolled hay into the riders’ path and covered them with what was believed to be pepper spray.

A member of the Gendarme caused the two men to stop abruptly and crash before he then pulled Chris Froome off his bicycle.

Froome was left furious at the officer and was then filmed shouting “fuck you” at the man after he was back on his feet. He had been making his way back to the Team Sky bus after completing Stage 17 of the historic race.

You can watch Instagram user Marc Visa Romero’s video footage of the incident below, in which you can just about make out Froome’s swearing:

Fortunately, the good people at The Guardian have managed to make the sound a bit clearer so you can properly witness Chris Froome shouting ‘fuck you’ in a weird Franglais accent.

Who said cycling was boring?