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20th Jan 2017

Chael Sonnen references Jenna Jameson in one of most savage pieces of trash talk ever

Oh how we've missed him

Darragh Murphy

Chael Sonnen is the best!

We’re supposed to remain unbiased about athletes but that’s damn near impossible because, well, Chael Sonnen is the best.

Long before Conor McGregor had mastered trash-talk, Sonnen was scrawling the blueprints for how fights should be pumped up in MMA.

The former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger knows better than anybody the value of talking up fights as fans, on a base level, simply want to watch a bad guy get his comeuppance.

Sonnen continues to masterfully embrace the role of heel and, given that he hasn’t fought in over three years, we’ve missed his press conferences terribly.

The mic technique of ‘The American Gangster’ is best appreciated alongside less accomplished talkers, which we have in the form of Sonnen’s upcoming opponent, fellow legend Tito Ortiz.

Sonnen clashes with the former UFC light heavyweight champion in the Bellator 170 main event this weekend and it’s clear to see that Sonnen is far more skilled than Ortiz when it comes to promotion.

And the former rival to the likes of Anderson Silva and Jon Jones came up with arguably the most savage piece of pre-fight trash talk of all time on Thursday when he scythed down Ortiz in one fell swoop.

As Ortiz claimed that his opponent’s only skill was using his mouth to talk himself into big-money fights, Sonnen didn’t miss a beat as he hit back by referencing Ortiz’s former long-term girlfriend, legendary porn star Jenna Jameson.

Watch Ortiz scramble for lesser comebacks as Sonnen proudly celebrates the latest piece of genius to fall from his mouth.