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29th Jan 2016

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid could now be able to sign players in the summer

Robert Redmond

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid’s transfer ban has been suspended, pending an appeal.

The two Spanish clubs were, earlier this month, banned by Fifa from registering players in the next two transfer windows, following an alleged violation of rules regarding signing players under the age of 18.

Barcelona have just served a similar ban, and both Madrid clubs were due to be banned from signing players until summer 2017.

However, news broke on Friday evening that the bans have been temporarily suspended, pending an appeal, meaning they can now sign players in the summer transfer window.

Spanish football expert Sid Lowe shared the news this evening.

However, according to Lowe, if the appeals should fail before the transfer window, they will be unable to sign players.

If the bans can be delayed, expect another David de Gea to Real Madrid transfer saga this summer.