Alan Brazil shocks world by labelling Paul Pogba "a bad egg" 3 years ago

Alan Brazil shocks world by labelling Paul Pogba "a bad egg"

Paul Pogba has caused quite the stir at Manchester United

You could cut the tension sure with a knife right now at Manchester United. The ongoing feud between Paul Pogba and José Mourinho has almost reached boiling point, after Pogba was stripped of the vice-captaincy this week, due to comments made about Mourinho's tactics, and loud music being played on the team bus.


Footage then emerged of Mourinho telling Pogba to "get out" during training, as if we needed any more confirmation that the pair do not get on well.

The feud has divided opinion in the footballing world. Some fans sympathise with Pogba, having to play under a manager so hellbent on playing defensively that it shackles his most creative players. Others have taken Mourinho's side, labelling Pogba the problem, often citing his outlandish style, his haircuts and his enjoyment of dancing as bigger problems.

The most recent public criticism of Pogba has come from Alan Brazil, who won two trophies in his footballing career and retired at the age of 27.

The talkSPORT host, who once criticised Hector Bellerín's vegan diet despite being the personification of the gammon movement, laid into Pogba on his radio show, labelling the midfielder "a bad egg", as well as "poison".

"If Fergie was still manager now, Pogba would not be there – not a hope in hell,” he said on Wednesday’s Sports Breakfast show.

"Fergie would not trust someone with that reputation, even if he is a World Cup winner, he just wouldn’t.


"I think Jose has been patient, but I think his patience has run out now.

“I think he realises this man is a bad egg. A great player and a World Cup winner, but poison.”

In fairness, Alan Brazil appears to have had his fair share of bad eggs in his lifetime, so he knows what he's talking about.

It is also worth noting that these comments are coming from a man who said he had "no sympathy" for Robin Williams after he took his own life. For Brazil to call Pogba 'poison' shows an incredible lack of self-awareness. Those in glass houses, etc.