Both Tony Bellew and David Haye weigh in lighter than last year 3 years ago

Both Tony Bellew and David Haye weigh in lighter than last year

Both fighters have come in slightly lighter for the rematch

Speed has clearly been prioritised by both Tony Bellew and David Haye ahead of their second clash, as each trimmed down for Friday's weigh-ins.


Haye weighed in at 15st 10lbs (compared to 16st last March) while Bellew came in at 15st (compared to 15st 3lbs) at Friday's weigh-in ceremony.

There was some late drama when Haye was significantly delayed after the Tube on which he was travelling was evacuated over security concerns and he was forced to rush into a taxi to make the weigh-in.

But he eventually made it and 'The Hayemaker' looked in typically incredible shape as he flexed for the cameras ahead of his clash at London's O2 Arena.

Bellew made no secret of his desire to come in a little bit lighter for the rematch as he felt he made a mistake last time around.

"I think the scales were a bit heavy but, no problem, I'm happy with where I'm at," Bellew said.


"Weight's just a number. He really thinks that I didn't get in the ring with the real David Haye last time. He really believes that the real David Haye didn't hit me last time.

"Well someone please show me who I was facing last year on March 4 because I'm pretty sure it was him, with those muscles, those fantastic abs, that beautiful, sharp haircut and those fantastic pecs.

"I'm sure it was him on March 4 last year and I'm sure it'll be him tomorrow night."