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26th Apr 2018

Tony Bellew will not make the same weight mistake for David Haye rematch

He's admitted he misjudged things last time out

Darragh Murphy

Tony Bellew’s physique was a source of plenty of trash talk in the build-up to his grudge match with David Haye last year.

“Just look at him, he doesn’t look like an athlete,” Haye said after weighing in last March. “Nine out of ten people in the street have a better physique than he does. He’s made heavyweight by eating a load of pies, I’ve made weight with methodical eating and training.”

Bellew weighed in at 15st 3lbs 8oz for his first crack at heavyweight, where he stopped ‘The Hayemaker’ in the penultimate round.

Despite his victory, Bellew is an underdog for the rematch as oddsmakers clearly feel that the Achilles injury picked up by Haye in the initial meeting was the deciding factor.

But ‘Bomber’ has insisted that he will be even more prepared for his second clash with Haye after admitting that he misjudged what was expected of his weight 13 months ago.

“He doesn’t know what to expect this time. He doesn’t know what’s coming. Something different is coming this time,” Bellew told Sky Sports.

“Last time I was a fat heavyweight. This time is a completely different ball game.

“Last time I had the belief in my mind that I had to be heavy, to absorb what he was going to dish out.

“It wasn’t until the seventh round that I realised that was a big mistake.

“This time I understand exactly what’s needed.”

Bellew’s diet leading up to the first fight was very Nando’s heavy so perhaps he’s cut down on the Peri Peri to ensure he’ll be in better physical condition come May 5.