Barcelona censor footage of youth player performing Cristiano Ronaldo celebration 3 months ago

Barcelona censor footage of youth player performing Cristiano Ronaldo celebration

Pettiness at the highest level

Barcelona took pettiness to a new level after they chose to censor the celebration of an academy player after he copied Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic 'SIUUU'.


18-year-old Fermin Lopez scored a stunning bicycle kick in a 3-2 win against Cornellà on Sunday, however you wouldn't have known after Barça opted to hide the celebration, editing their footage on their official Instagram account to only show the goal.

Following the goal, Lopez proceeded to run down the line before imitating the famous celebration, and even shouted 'SIUUU' when doing so.


It doesn't take much research to know that this is a big no no in the world of Barcelona. After all, Ronaldo did play for their biggest rivals, Real Madrid, therefore it would likely not go down well with fans of the Catalan giants.

One twitter user however found the full clip - including the celebration - and explained just how brave (mad) it was of Lopez to copy the celebration of Barcelona's sporting public enemy number one.

They said: "FC Barcelona's academy player Fermin Lopez does Cristiano Ronaldo's SIUUU celebration after scoring a bicycle kick today. Ronaldo is hated in Barcelona. When you realise that this is just insane."


How did fans react to the celebration?

Other fans also noticed the celebration - or lack of - and were quick to joke that Real Madrid should sign Lopez if Barça took action (although that is highly unlikely).


One user said: "If they expel that kid tomorrow Real Madrid academy must welcome him with warm hands."

Another user said: "He’s getting released tomorrow."


A third said: "No debut for this kid."

Meanwhile a fourth person tweeted: "This guy is not coming out of La Masia."

When at Barcelona, always remember rule one: DO NOT PERFORM A CRISTIANO RONALDO CELEBRATION!

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