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11th Jul 2017

Ashley Williams gets the Mkhitaryan treatment as perfect football fans get trolling

How dare he enjoy his holiday?

Darragh Murphy

We should stress that it is pre-season, meaning that it’s the time of year when players get back to full fitness.

Professional footballers are allowed time off too, contrary to popular belief, and many spend their summer breaks indulging ever so slightly. The same way you or I might, as humans with a right to relax after a year of hard work.

But given that Premier League stars couldn’t be more in the spotlight, they can’t get away with that extra few pounds that might be showing on the scales come the end of a break away.

Ashley Williams is typically an athletic specimen and given his work ethic, he will have no problem dropping that little bit of weight he’s put on over the summer.

Unfortunately for the Everton centre-half, a less sympathetic group of people than football supporters simply doesn’t exist.

So when pictures of Williams getting to work at Toffees preseason training emerged online, the expected took place.

Just like Henrikh Mkhitaryan experienced last week, when Manchester United deleted a tweet showing a little excess body fat on their Armenian midfielder, Williams felt the full brunt of those fans who remain sculpted, shredded and ripped all year round.