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Arsenal Fan TV ask for thoughts on what could be the worst chant in the history of sport
We urge you not to listen

Is it too late for Alexandre Lacazette to change his mind?

It didn't take Arsenal's highest-profile summer signing long to show his new club's supporters just what he is capable of as he found the net on his debut against Sydney FC on Thursday.

Backed to break the so-called No. 9 curse at the Emirates, Lacazette is expected to be a huge success with Arsene Wenger's side, having scored at least twenty goals in each of his last four seasons with Lyon.

Lacazette has only been an Arsenal player for eleven days but, already, he's been given the honour of a chant courtesy of the club's supporters.

Arsenal Fan TV, with whom we're sure Lacazette will come to terms very soon, revealed the new song about the Frenchman which, if we're honest, we simply can't get behind.


"The reason I made this chant up is because the other chants you played on Arsenal Fan TV were so shit," one excited fan explained before leading his three friends in an absolutely dreadful chorus.

"Lacazette, zette, zette, zette. Put the ball into the net.
"Lacazette, zette, zette, zette. Put the ball into the net.
"With the left, with the right, with the head and with the knee.
"Lacazette, zette, zette, zette. Part of Wenger's melody."

At least that's what we think they said. We could only bring ourselves to listen to it once.

But the reaction from other supporters kind of tells you that it might not take off.



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