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07th Nov 2018

Antonio Conte to take Chelsea to court over his remaining salary

Former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is set to take Chelsea to court over payment of his remaining salary from his contract with the London club

Reuben Pinder

The messy break-up continues

Antonio Conte is set to take Chelsea FC to court in pursuit of the remainder of his salary from his contract with the club which was terminated at the end of last season, according to a report from Sky Sports.

Chelsea have reportedly offered to set up face to face meetings with the coach in an attempt to reach an out of court solution, but Conte is insistent that the matter must be settled in court.

Conte believes that he should be paid the remaining salary from his contract by the club who sacked him a few months ago out of respect.

Conte’s lawyers have been working on two separate cases for weeks; one for an employment tribunal and the other for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Newspaper reports on Wednesday claimed Conte wants £8.7m worth of damages on top of his remaining year’s salary of £11.3m – taking his claim to a whopping £20m.

It has also been reported that Chelsea are reluctant to pay Conte what he wants due to his behaviour while working at the club, particularly his treatment of Diego Costa, who went AWOL after a fall-out before returning to Atlético Madrid in the summer of 2017.

Other misdemeanours that Chelsea have reportedly cite as poor behaviour include Conte parking in the wrong space at their Cobham training ground and arriving late to press conferences.